The world is changing. The silence of the gods has caused the zealous faithful to terrorize the continent and its diverse peoples at the beheast of thier human leaders. The Militant of Pelor have taken it upon themselves to burn and brand those that do not live in the daylight. It started with the Dwarves, pushed and displaced from thier mountain homes. Those few that stayed live under constant scrutiny and mistreatment. The Drow were next, already viewed as unusual and untrustworthy. Fleeing thier war torn home pushed them into the world of the sun and the Militant were quick to ensure they could find no permanent safe haven. The Tieflings knew the Zealots would come for thier kind next and without the small luxury of any sort of community, many left the continent hoping to avoid the witch hunts that would surely be inspired.  

All manner of sentient "dark" creatures found themselves drawn to the west, across the sea to a continent called Ebberron, where the Militant could not follow. A land of new nations with thier own history of war, but one that welcomed the influx of new people. 

The Deep Woods